Also this year we offer our patients vaccination against seasonal flu. The flu can cause serious complications in people aged 65 years and over, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses. The flu is not a harmless disease for this group of people. In order to protect the risk groups, not only do they themselves have to be vaccinated against the flu, but also all those who are in regular, close contact with them, e.g. Family members. In Switzerland, the flu leads to up to 5000 hospitalizations every year. Especially in the elderly. The intensity and severity of the flu epidemic vary from year to year. The most effective prevention against the flu is vaccination, which is given by syringe every year. The strains used in the vaccine are determined by the WHO every February. The seasonal flu shot protects against both the A / H1N1 and A / H3N2 influenza subtypes and against the B type influenza.