Nutrition counseling

Dear patients, my name is Corinne Buffon Honegger. I am a certified nutritionist, diabetes assistant DDG, hypnosis and Wingwave Coach and NLP Practitioner and stand them with words and deeds.

Professional background

Before I (now Bern University School of Nutrition and Diätektik) graduated from the School of Nutrition consulting at Universtitätspital Zurich, I worked for several years as a cook and dietician. This gives me a good basis to assist with my clients in practical areas such as procurement planning, cooking, organization.

My consulting focus for several years in the field of obesity and bariatric surgery conservative (gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy), diabetes meliltius, gestational diabetes and cardiovascular diseases..

Especially at heart my support for people with weight problems. My interest in the psycholgischen backgrounds is great. Therefore, I have continued my regularly in this area.

Preparation nutritional advice

If you like, you may prepare for the first meeting by bring for nutrition counseling, a nutrition protocol. This is very helpful for me to get to know their habits in the first hour and this can then involve talking.

To get the most accurate and realistic picture, it is very important that EVERYTHING you eat and drink will be recorded as well as possible the exact amounts are included in the protocol. If they like to work electronically, it is possible a protocol in Even if it is done electronically, it is equally important that no information is lost. It is helpful if everything is written immediately after consumption of meals, snacks and snacks or entered.

it is very efficient, also if they have already made some thoughts before the hypnosis and have dealt with their subject. Again, this is a proposal and not a must.

Offer nutritional advice

  • Metabolic Diseases (including diabetes mellitus)
  • Obesity (BMI over 30)
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diseases of the digestive system
  • Kidney disease
  • Kidney disease

Alternative offers

Hypnosis coaching

With the help of hypnosis we have the ability to give us access to our subconscious. This enables to remove blockages and thus to change undesirable behaviors.

Hypnosis coaching is used as a supportive treatment in the nutritional counseling. It is a useful and effective addition to conventional medical therapy. But even as the sole measure hypnosis can be applied. Those who opt for a hypnosis coaching, should bring certain conditions. Very important is your own motivation. Hypnosis is not a passive state, in which problems "spirited away". Active participation in turn is essential for achieving the set target.

Hypnosis is for example:

  • Cravings / binge eating
  • Strong sweet cravings
  • Plateaus
  • Lack of stamina
  • Lack of satiety

A hypnosis can also be used for various other topics on request. For the first hypnosis session we will reserve one hour so that we have enough time for a detailed discussion. The aim here is to understand the problem in detail as possible. Furthermore, you will be informed about how hypnosis works.


The Food Consulting Services can use the health insurance will be settled in the basic insurance with medical prescription.

Consulting CHF 99
2 - 6 Advisory CHF 77
From 7 Advisory CHF 64

The deliberations take between 20-45 minutes

We have failed or unexcused appointments charge to the above rates will unfortunately.


The sessions of hypnosis and wingwave are NOT covered by health insurance and covered by self-pay services

60 minutes CHF 150
Each additional 15 Minutes CHF 30

We have failed or unexcused dates relating to the above mentioned contributions charged for, unfortunately

For doctors

For patients